Token of the Subscription Economy

ASYN is a blockchain based solution enabling users to manage all their subscriptions in one platform. In the US the average person has 9 paid subscriptions. ASYN’s platform will streamline the process as well as offer a range of new subscriptions, discounts and rewards to build a lively engaged community.

Fair launch starting in

Time is up, sorry!
$ 200
$ 400
Asyn Token


ASYN TOKEN is a platform for the future of subscription that is built on top of the BSC
Smartchain. Accelerating growth of ASYN is guaranteed. It will be the world’s first platform focused on subscribing to both physical products and services. We connect buyers and sellers, so customers can subscribe to the favorite products that were not subscribable before.
Traditional Assets
Digital Goods

Protecting Investors' Interests

ASYN TOKEN it’s a community-driven project from people to people. It’s based on subscription technology. We would like to bring new light to this shady cryptonomics.


  • Trade BNB Coin for our ASYN Token and enjoy exponential growth of subscription economy
  • Charity donations are planned in our Road map.
  • Let’s join our Telegram community and help us decide about our future plans.

We bring together Subscription and DeFi

The $ASYN token (BEP-20 based) will be broadly used in our Subscription App. Payments, discounts, cashbacks – these are some of the use cases that make $ASYN token a true heart of the app ecosystem.
ASYN Token – have-it-all subscription app that works for everyone.



What Stage are we at?

Q2, 2021 Team Setup
The origin of ASYN platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
Q3, 2021 Elaboration of Platform
Preparing contract on blockchain, Recruting Partners and Advisors, Developing website
Q4, 2021 FAIRLAUNCH on Pancake swap
Attracting of $ 300,000 investment. Listing on other platform like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap
Q1, 2022 Attraction of Advisors
Development of ASYN Subscription App, Announcing partners and influencers cooperation, Implementing Metamask
Q2, 2022 Trade Enquiries
Health & Fitness applications, influencers advertising, Implementing
Q3, 2022 Preparation for ICO
More features of the app, Marketing starts
Q4, 2022 ICO Conducting
Online Subcsription, Rewards for Hodlers
Q1, 2023 First Charity Donations
Charity Donations will be decide by all community in poll

ASYN token Structure

Initial Burn
Token Sale
Developers wallet
Token Sale  Start:

5th of Novemver 2021 / 5PM UTC 

1,000,000,000 ASYN
Maximum Goal

Hard cap: $400.000
Soft cap: $ 200.000

Accepted Currencies

BNB Swap on Pancake Swap

Emission Rate

No new tokens will be created

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Our motivated team

Félix Kahnt


Experienced entrepreneur, originator of Asyn project. As the CEO he acquired the best talents for leading companies from IT & Blockchain industries and worked on SaaS Projects in past. E-commerce management is his incredible strongpoint.

Arnold Huberty


Kerrel Alston

Chief Executive

Dương Hoài Hương

Media manager

Elijah Massaro

Blockchain developer & website

Our Advisory Board

Ilaria Fortunato

Media Consultant

7+ years experienced in Social Media marketing.